Statistics Seminars in year 2001-2002.

Seminar Location: N638 Ross; Seminar Time: Fridays, 10:30-11:30 unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Friday, Jan., 11 Professor Augustine Wong, York University Applications of Likelihood Based Asymptotic Inference Abstract
Friday, February 1 Dr. Dianliang Deng, Ford Scientific Center Goodness of fit of generalized linear models to sparse data. Abstract
Friday, February 8 Dr. Dietrich von Rosen, Upssala University, Sweden Restricted Expected Multivariate Least Squares Abstract
Monday, February 18 Dr. Rong Zhu, UBC The generalized AR(1) process and its applications to non-normal time series Abstract
Friday, February 22 Dr. Hemant Ishwaran, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Generalized Chinese restaurant processes and Bayes methods Abstract
Friday, March 01 Dr. Steven Wang, UBC High performance clustering in large disk-resident databases Abstract
Friday, March 08 Dr. Georges Monette, York University Playing with ellipses Abstract
Wed. March 13 Dr. Feifang Hu, Univ. of Virginia Optimal Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials Abstract
Friday, March 15 Dr. Peide Shi, Ontario Power Generation Inc. Regression model selection - a residual likelihood approach Abstract
Friday, March 22 Dr. Gerard Letac, Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse Which real exponential families are such that the two-sided UMPU and GLR tests coincide? Abstract
Friday, April 12 Dr. Celia Greenwood, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, and the Montreal Genome Centre Methods for using multivariate phenotypic measures in linkage analysis Abstract
Friday, April 19 Professor Jianhong Wu, York University Dynamics, Associative Memory and Clustering of Neural Networks Abstract
Date Speaker Title
Friday September 28 Dr. Peter Song, York University Testing for nonignorable missingness in longitudinal studies. Abstract
Friday October 5 Dr. TBA No scheduled talk
Friday October 12 Dr. Helene Massam, York University The Wishart, the hyper Wishart and the hyper inverse Wishart and their application in Bayesian statistics. Abstract
Friday October 19 Dr. Liqun Wang, University of Manitoba Are Galaxies Clumped? A Statistical Analysis Using Mixture Models. Abstract
Friday October 26 Dr. Krzysztof Dzieciolowski, Bell Canada Statistics at Bell Canada Abstract
Friday November 2 Dr. TBA No talk scheduled
11.30am, Friday November 9 Dr. Neal Madras, York University A Model for Tracking the History of the AIDS Epidemic Abstract
Friday November 16 Dr. Peter Kim Statistical Inverse Problems on Riemannian Manifolds Abstract
Friday November 23 Dr. Daniel Dufresne Options on volatility Abstract
Fri. Nov 23, 12:30pm Mr. Zhenguo Qiu, York University Dissertation Colloquium: Simplex mixed models for longitudinal proportional data. Abstract
Friday November 30 Dr. Steen Andersson, Univ. of Indiana Properties of the general Wishart distribution on homogeneous cones. Abstract (.ps file)

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