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Chamberlin,Stephen, PhD (Waterloo), Associate Professor
Statistical modeling and inference, asymptotics.
Fu, Yuejiao(Cindy), PhD (Waterloo), Associate Professor
Mixture Models, Asymptotics, Biostatistics and Statistical Genetics.
Furman, Edward, PhD (Haifa, Israel), Assistant Professor
Actuarial Science, Probability Theory, Multivariate Analysis, Database and expert systems applications.
Gao, Xin, PhD (Ottawa), Associate Professor
Genetics and linear models.
Jankowski, Hanna, PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor
Probability and Statistics.
Liu, Wei, PhD (UBC), Assistant Professor
Missing data, measurement errors, longitudinal data, mixed-effects models, biostatistics.
Madras, Neal, PhD (Cornell), Professor
Probability theory and applications, Monte Carlo methods, mathematical models in physics and biology.
Massam, Helene, PhD (McGill), Professor
Graphical models, multivariate analysis.
Monette, Georges, PhD (Toronto) Associate Professor
Applications of mixed models, visualization of statistical concepts, analysis of compensation for pay equity.
Ng, Peggy , PhD (Toronto), Professor (Atkinson/ADMS)
Experimental Design, Development of Health Measurement scales, Survey, Application of Statistics in Problem Solving, and Statistical Consulting.
O'Brien, Geo rge L., , PhD (Dartmouth), Professor
Probability and Stochastic Processes, with emphasis on limit theorems, including in particular large deviation principles and laws of the iterated logarithm.
Peskun, Peter, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor
Salisbury, Tom, PhD (UBC), Professor
Probability, Stochastic Processes, Brownian motion, Markov processes, conditioned Brownian motion, Probabilistic Potential theory, Stochastic Calculus, Probabilistic finance.
Tanny, L. David, PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor
Probability, Statistics, Oprerations Research -- Growth processes, ergodic theorems, random environment processes.
Wong, Augustine, PhD (Toronto), Professor (Atkinson/MATH)
Likelihood methods, asymptotic theory of statistics, inference, statistical computing.
Wang, Steven X., PhD (UBC), Associate Professor
Likelihood inference and statistical data mining.
Wu, Yuehua (Amy), PhD (Pittsburgh), Professor
General Interests: Linear Models, Asymptotics, Multivariate Analysis, Time Series. Current Interests: Model Selection, M-Estimation, Signal Processing, and Applications.


Professors Emeriti

Denzel, Gene, PhD (Washington), Associate Professor
Probability, Statistics.
Fraser, Don A.S., PhD (Princeton), Professor, Emeritus
Likelihood asymptotics, inference, applications of likelihood and Bayesian methods, foundations.
Hruska, Carl, PhD (Czech Acad Sc), Professor, Emeritus
Theory of relativity, acoustics, piezoelectricity.
Lee, Sung Wok, PhD (Kansas St), Associate Professor, Emeritus
Promislow, S. David, PhD (UBC), Professor (Emeritus)
Actuarial science, group theory, operator theory.