Research Interests
Stephen R. Chamberlin: Statistical modeling and inference, asymptotics.
Gene E. Denzel: Probability, Statistics.
Don A.S. Fraser: likelihood asymptotics, inference, applications of likelihood and Bayesian methods, foundations.
Alison Gibbs: MCMC, Image restoration.
Ebenezer Lartey: Change-point analysis, Time series.
Sung Wok Lee: Statistics.
Neal Madras: Probability theory and applications; Monte Carlo methods; mathematical models in physics and biology. See more details
Helene M. Massam: Graphical models, multivariate analysis.
Georges Monette: Applications of mixed models, visualization of statistical concepts, analysis of compensation for pay equity.
David Montgomery: Applied Statistics.
Peggy T. Ng: Experimental Design, Development of Health Measurement scales, Survey, Application of Statistics in Problem Solving, and Statistical Consulting
George L. O'Brien: Probability and Stochastic Processes, with emphasis on limit theorems, including in particular large deviation principles and laws of the iterated logarithm.
Peter H. Peskun: Statistics.
S. David Promislow: Actuarial science, group theory, operator theory.
Tom Salisbury: Probability, Stochastic Processes, Brownian motion, Markov processes, conditioned Brownian motion, Probabilistic Potential theory, Stochastic Calculus, Probabilistic finance.
Donna Salopek: Mathematical Finance, Real and Stochastic Analysis.
Peter Song: Generalized linear models, time series, longitudinal data analysis. See more details
Augustine Wong: Likelihood methods, asymptotic theory of statistics, inference, statistical computing.
Yuehua (Amy) Wu: General Interests: Linear Models, Asymptotics, Multivariate Analysis, Time Series. Current Interests: Model Selection, M-Estimation, Signal Processing, and Applications. See more details.