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Last updated: Tuesday 25-July-95

Fourth-year undergraduate in York University's Department of Computer Science.

Below is a brief contents for my massive and ever-growing collection of cool links. Check 'em' out, and if you feel I should add any astoundingly keen pages that I might've missed, please just let me know!

I am from Mauritius a touristic island around the south-west of Africa . But about 23 years ago, I was born in XuZhou, Jiangsu , China (The Super Power of the 21st century).

URLs of my friends from Royal College Port Louis (1990 class), Mauritius (if anyone from Mauritius else have homepages let me know):

  • David Wan University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Roy Wong, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Young Leung Tang, York University, Canada
  • Michael Kwong, York University, Canada

    Note Since it's job hunting time, I'll put in a copy of my resume.

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