Differential Calculus (Honours)

This course covers limits, continuity, the derivative, maxima and minima, curve sketching, the mean-value theorem, the chain rule and the integral. I will emphasize understanding these key ideas of the differential calculus rather than learning methods of calculation. I will aim to develop the student's ability to think and write mathematics clearly, logically, and precisely, and to read a mathematical text with understanding. Part of the course will be devoted to reading proofs and learning how to write proofs.

MATH1000 should be taken by all students planning an Honours degree in Mathematics or Statistics. The policy of the Mathematics Department is to be generous in the grading of MATH1000 and MATH1010, to encourage interested students to take these courses. Therefore, although the honours courses are more "theoretical", students who are willing to put a serious effort into them should find it neither easier nor harder to get a high mark (A+, A, B+) in MATH1000/MATH1010 than to get the same mark in MATH1300/MATH1310.

The text will be announced later.

The final grade will be based on a combination of homework, quizzes, class tests and a final examination.