Introductory Mathematics for Economists II

This course deals with matrix algebra in a way that will be of interest to students in economics and business. The emphasis will be on the acquisition of tools rather than on a rigorous development of the tools. Applications will include solutions of linear equations, maxima and minima of functions of several variables with and without constraints, and input-output analysis.

This is a required course for specialized honours students in economics and is recommended for honours and ordinary economics students. It is acceptable, together with MATH1530.03 or ECON1530.03, for admission to the Faculty of Administrative Studies.

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A student taking MATH1540.03 must have passed MATH1530.03 or equivalent, and must have taken or be taking ECON1000.03 or ECON1010.03.

This course cannot be taken by students who have taken or are taking MATH2021.03/2022.03 (formerly MATH2000.06), MATH2221.03/2222.03 (formerly MATH2220.06), ACMS1020.06, ACMS2010.06,AK/ECON2570.03,AK/2560.03/2570.03,AK/2220.06.

The final grade may be based on class tests and assignments (50%) and a final examination (50%).