Mathematics with Management Applications

This course is designed primarily for students interested in business programmes. It satisfies a requirement for entry to the B.B.A programme in the Faculty of Administrative Studies. It also satifies a requirement in the three-year B.A. Ordinary programme, or the four-year Honours General Stream, in Mathematics for Commerce.

One theme of the course is optimization -- how to maximize or minimize a function subject to certain constraints. Most of the course is a discussion of calculus and its applications; matrix theory and its applications are also discussed. The emphasis will be not on theory but rather on techniques and on applications to business and management problems. The content of this course is very similar to that of the two half-courses MATH1530.03 and MATH1540.03. These latter two half-courses will also satisfy the requirements for the programmes mentioned above, and they are suitable for those who plan to major in economics.

Those who wish a stronger foundation in calculus or who wish to major in any Mathematics programme other than Mathematics for Commerce, Ordinary or Honours General Stream, should choose calculus courses without the second digit 5.

The text has not yet been chosen, and the method for determining the final grade has not yet been decided.

Note: This course may not be taken by students who have taken or are taking MATH2021.03, MATH2221.03 or equivalent.