AS/SC/MATH 2090.03W

Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Logic is the ``official'' language of mathematics and is essential in establishing the foundations on which mathematics is built. In recent years, logic has also come to play a fundamental and major role in computer science. A knowledge of logic is now an absolute necessity for the computer professional. In this course we will introduce the student to the basics of mathematical logic and deductive reasoning. The course is primarily intended for Computer Science students but would be valuable to any student interested in formal reasoning.

The topics covered will include the syntax and semantics of both propositional and predicate logic, an introduction to some axiomatic theories and a more detailed study of Peano arithmetic and induction.

The text is F.D. Portoraro, Logic with SYMLOG.

There will be assignments using software SYMLOG (which comes with the text) with PC computers. SYMLOG is also installed for use in the Steacie Microcomputer Labs.