AS/SC/MATH 2221.03

Linear Algebra with Applications I

Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics which is particularly useful in other fields and in other branches of mathematics. Its frequent application in the engineering and physical sciences rivals that of calculus. Computer scientists and economists have long recognized its relevance to their discipline. Moreover, linear algebra is fundamental in the rapidly increasing quantification that is taking place in the management and social sciences. Finally, ideas of linear algebra are essential to the development of algebra, analysis, probability and statistics, and geometry.

This course and MATH2222.03 (see below) provide a standard full-year introduction to linear algebra. While our focus will not be excessively theoretical, students will be introduced to proofs and expected to develop skills in understanding and applying concepts as well as results. Applications will be left mainly for MATH2222.03.

Topics to be studied include: systems of linear equations and matrices, determinants, linear dependence and independence of sets of vectors in R$^{\rm, vector spaces, inner product spaces, and the Gram-Schmidt process.

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The final grade will be based on term work and a final examination (with possible weights of 60% and 40% respectively).