AS/SC/MATH 2222.03

Linear Algebra with Applications II

This course is a continuation of either MATH1025.03W or MATH 2221.03 and requires knowledge of the topics discussed in those courses.

In this course we continue the study of linear algebra with the study of inner product spaces, least squares approximation, eigenvalues, diagonalization of real and complex matrices and positive definite matrices. The emphasis in this course will be on those aspects of linear algebra which are important in applications. In particular, if time permits we will study practical algorithms for solving linear systems and finding eigenvalues.

Text for Section F: The text will be Anton & Rorres, Elementary Linear Algebra: Applications Version, 6th ed. (Wiley).

Text for Section W: The text will be the same as that for MATH2221.03.

The prerequisite is MATH2221.03 or MATH1025.03.

Degree credit exclusions are MATH2022.03, MATH2000.06, MATH2220.06, AK2222.03, ACMS2010.06. or AK2220.06.

The final grade will be based on assignments, class tests, and a final examination.