AS/SC/MATH 2310.03

Calculus of Several Variables with Applications

This course is the sequel to MATH1300-1310. It is a required course in the ordinary programme in Mathematics, and in certain of the honours programmes in Mathematics for Commerce.

Just as MATH1300-1310 studied the calculus of functions of one variable, this course studies vectors and the calculus of functions of two or three variables. Topics from differential calculus include tangent lines to space curves, tangent planes to surfaces, partial derivatives, gradients, maxima and minima. Those from integral calculus include double and triple integrals, change of variables, line integrals and Green's theorem.

Students wishing to pursue calculus further may follow this course with MATH3010.03.

The text will be Salas and Hille, Calculus, part 2, 6th edition (Wiley).