AS/SC/MATH 2320.03F

Discrete Mathematical Structures

This course is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for Computer Science students. It aims to provide an intensive introduction to a variety of algebraic and combinatorial structures which are needed in computer science. A student of mathematics should enjoy being introduced to this variety of mathematical topics, many of which are not covered elsewhere. The course does not require a previous knowledge of computer science.

In broad categories the topics to be covered include set theory (relations, functions,...), combinatorics, graph theory and abstract algebra (posets, lattices, Boolean algebra, groups,...). The emphasis will be on examples and on extracting common properties.

This course is a prerequisite for COSC3101.03, COCS3402.03, COCS4101.03, COCS4111.03.

The texts will be announced later.

The final grade may be based on two class tests (25% each), and a final examination (50%).