AS/SC/MATH 2560.03

Elementary Statistics I

Statistics is a collection of methods for observing and analyzing numerical data in order to make sensible decisions about them. In these courses the basic ideas of the analysis of data and of statistical inference will be introduced.

Little mathematical background is required; high school algebra is sufficient. Mathematical proofs will be minimal; reasoning and explanations will be based mostly on intuition, verbal arguments, figures, or numerical examples. Most of the examples will be taken from or daily life; many deal with the behavioural sciences, while others come from business, the life sciences, the physical sciences, and engineering.

Although students will be making some use of the computer to calculate statistics, to create statistical plots, and to obtain a better appreciation of statistical concepts, no previous experience in computing is required. Students will receive in class all the necessary instruction about how to use the statistical computer package Minitab.

Students who have taken AS/MATH2560.03 will normally take AS/MATH2570.03 in the second semester, where they will continue to investigate many basic statistical methods.

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The final grade may be based on assignments and quizzes (10-30%), class tests (20-40%) and a final examination (50%).

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