Actuarial Mathematics

This course is intended for those students contemplating careers in the actuarial profession. It will help to prepare a student for Examination 150 of the Society of Actuaries. We will cover most of the material in Chapters 3-9 of the official textbook, N. L. Bowers et. al., Actuarial Mathematics (Society of Actuaries).There is not sufficient time in a one-year course to cover Chapters 10, 14 and 15, the remaining material needed for Exam 150. However, students who complete this course should acquire sufficient background to enable them to study the omitted chapters on their own.

The prerequisites are a sound knowledge of both interest theory and probability theory. For the probability prerequisite, students should have completed MATH2030.03. For interest theory the preferred prerequisite is MATH2280.03. Those who have completed MATH2580.06 with a grade of B+ or better may be allowed to enroll, but such students should note that MATH3280.06 is considerably more advanced, and requires much more mathematical ability, than MATH2580.06.

The final grade will probably be based on assignments (5%), four class tests (55%), and a final examination (40%).