Individual Project

This course is open to students in Honours Programmes in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, or Statistics. The student works under supervision of a faculty member, who is selected by the course director and the student. The project allows the student to apply mathematical or statistical knowledge to problems of current interest. A report is required at the conclusion of the project.

Students in the Applied Mathematics Honours Programmes are particularly encouraged to take this course. The procedure is as follows: Each year, faculty members who are interested in supervising projects will submit project descriptions to the Course Director for Applied Mathematics. Students will meet with the Course Director for Applied Mathematics, and they will jointly decide on a faculty member to supervise the project, taking into account the background and interests of the student, as well as the availability and interests of faculty members.

The amount of work expected of the student is approximately 10 hours per week, that is, the equivalent of a standard full-year (for 4000.06) or half-year (for 4000.03) course. The supervisor is expected to spend about 1 or 2 hours per week with the student, averaged over the duration of the project. In addition to the final report, regular short progress reports will be expected at definite times during the course. The final grade will be based upon the final report as well as the interim progress reports.