ITEC 1011 A Course Information


  • (Feb 27) For unofficial grades click here.

  • (Jan 26) The midterm on January 30 will be given in the regular classroom (Curtis D) at 9:30 a.m.

  • Selma Kapetanovic will be available Tuesdays 11:00 - 1:00 in the Gauss Lab for remediation assistance.

  • (Jan 15) I will meet the class on Tuesday, January 16, at the usual time and place to discuss the process of remediation. Details are available on the web.

  • (Nov 28) The final exam to be given on December 14 will have the following breakdown: Review the previous term's exam for an idea of what kinds of questions to expect. The Java questions will concentrate on those parts of the Primer which were used to do the Labs and Assignments.

  • (Nov 25) There will be a FINAL EXAMINATION for this course given on the originally scheduled date and at the originally scheduled time. (The room may change -- you should be able to check the registrar's web pages for details later in the week.) Students who do not write this exam will have the opportunity to write an exam after the makeup period planned to follow the end of the CUPE strike.
    Please note that it is not permitted to rewrite Final Exams. This means that once you have written the exam in December you will not be permitted to write a second time at a later date.
    There will be provisions for making up work missed due to the strike for all students, whether or not they write the exam in December.

  • (Nov 14) The midterm exam was returned in class today. You can pick up your exam during office hours. Answers are available by clicking here.

    October 26, 2000

    Please take note:

    I am a member of the YUFA bargaining unit which is not on strike.

    My courses, MATH 1090 A, MATH 2320 A, ITEC 1011 A, BETHUNE 1800 A, will continue to meet. All tests and quizzes will be given as scheduled.

    Students should be aware that under Senate Guidelines they cannot be penalized if they choose not to cross picket lines to attend lectures, write tests or quizzes, submit assignments.

    Once the strike is over, arrangements will be made for makeup tests and quizzes and to submit assignments which were due during the period of the strike. I will post to the appropriate course web pages lecture information to help students who miss classes keep up with the course material covered.

    Some paternal advice:

    This strike may very well last three or more weeks. If you lose touch with your studies during this time interval it may be very difficult to adequately catch up afterwards. Make every attempt to do whatever reading is assigned, to work through whatever notes are made available, and to do (even when you might wait to submit them) any course assignments.

    During the last strike, students suffered loss of credits, loss of money (for courses they ended up dropping), and reduced GPAs because they misjudged their ability to catch up once the strike ended.

    Stay informed:

  • CUPE 3903
  • York University Administration
  • YUFA
  • (Oct. 17) Grades are available for Assignment 1. Click here to check yours.
  • (Oct. 3) Assignment 1 answers and a version of last year's Midterm have now been posted.
  • (Sept.26) Check below for tutor office hours.
  • (Sept.23) Lab 3 has been posted. The tasks which form the Lab are likely to take more than the 50 minutes alloted, especially for those inexperienced with the Windows and Pine email environments. I suggest that you plan to spend some time prior to the Lab period in order to get a good start.

  • (Sept.21) If you are unable to log on to the machines in the S110 Ross Gauss Lab please proceed as below.

    Log on to Maya. You can do this from one of the machines in Steacie. If you are in S110 ask someone to let you use TERA TERM with host
    Highlight Manage Active Accounts and check that the list of accounts includes

    YORKARTS Labs (Gauss, MLC, S403 Labs) - Active

    There are some items which look similar. Make sure that you have exactly what is shown above as an active account.

    If after CAREFULLY following these directions you still cannot log in, email me. Just indicate that you have followed these directions but still cannot log in. Make sure that you include your name, student number, and YORK email address.

  • (Sept.14) The questions for Assignment 1 have been posted. The rules for submission will be posted soon
  • (Sept.13) The Gauss Lab (S 110) will not be open this first week. Read Lab 1 and perform all tasks as indicated in preparation for next week's lab.

    Lecturer: Eli Brettler
    Office: South 508 Ross
    Telephone: 736-2100 Extension 66321
    Normal Office hours: MW 11 - 12:30 and by appointment

    Lecture: T 9:30 - 10:30 CLH D

    Lab: R 10:30 - 11:30 or R 11:30 - 12:30 Ross South 110 (Gauss Lab)

    Tutor Office Hours:

    Text: Englander, The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software, An Information Technology Approach, Second Edition (2000).

    Syllabus: The first 10 chapters of the text will be covered.

    Supplement: Java Primer

    To view and print pdf you need the free Acrobat reader.

    You may want to be able to run Java at home. For information click here.

    Homework: Homework will be collected at Noon on the date which they are due. Homework is to be placed in the appropriate assignment box, North 5th floor Ross. Late assignments will not be accepted for grading.


    Graded Homework Assignmentssee above10%
    Graded Labsweekly10%
    Midterm ExamOctober 3135%
    Final ExamExamination Period45%

    Note: There will be no makeups for missed work. If you miss a homework, lab, or the exam and provide a certificate indicating clearly that you were unable to write the test for reasons beyond your personal control, the weight will be transferred to the final exam. Otherwise, the mark will be 0.

    The last date to drop the course without academic penalty is November 10. It is extremely important to realistically assess your course performance prior to this date.


  • Midterm Exam October 31: Click to view a version of last Winter's midterm. Solutions are available if you click here.


  • Final Exam:


  • Course outline from Section B.

  • Professor Cheah's Powerpoint lecture notes (Fall 2000)
    1. 2000/09/13: Chapter 1 Computer Systems
    2. 2000/09/20: Chapter 2 Number Systems
    3. 2000/09/27: Chapter 3 Data Formats
    4. 2000/10/04: Chapter 4 Representing Integer Data
    5. 2000/10/11: Chapter 5 Floating Point Numbers
    6. 2000/10/17: Chapter 6 Little Man Computer
    7. 2000/10/25: Chapter 7 The CPU & Memory
    8. 2000/11/08: Chapter 8 Input/Output
    9. 2000/11/15: Chapter 8 and 9: Computer Peripherals
    10. 2000/11/22:Java Primer Chapter 4 and Chapter 9 Computer Peripherals, continued
  • Professor MacKenzie's Powerpoint orignial lecture notes (Winter 2000). To view these files use Microsoft Powerpoint. They can also be viewed using StarOffice.
    1. What is a computer?(4MB)
    2. Number systems (299K) (updated 7-Feb-00)
    3. Data formats (253K)
    4. Representing integer data (175K)
    5. Floating-point numbers (87K)
    6. The CPU and memory (200K)
    7. Input/Output (211K) (updated 6-Mar-00)
    8. I/O buses and interfaces (806K)
    9. Computer Peripherals - I (333K)
    10. Computer Peripherals - II (752K)
    11. Computer Peripherals - III (735K)

    Eli Brettler
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