ITEC 1011 Ė Sections A and B Ė Fall 2000

Home Installation of the JDK

This web site is for students of ITEC1011 who wish to set up their home computer to run Java.Two points:

        The file you must download is about 20 MB.If your internet connection is via a telephone line (e.g., a 28.8 kbps modem), the download time is quite long (an hour or more).If you have a cable modem, the download time is shorter.

        This site does not provide step-by-step, blow-by-blow instructions for installing and setting up your home compute to run Java.If youíre comfortable with downloading and installing software, read on.If youíve never done this before, then your best bet is to forget it.Just to work on campus in the Steacie Lab or Gauss Lab, following the lab instructions given on the course web site.

There is only one file you really need.Itís the ZIP file containing the JDK.To retrieve it, just

click here

After it has downloaded, just double click on it and follow the instructions.

The version of Java weíre interested in is Java 1.2.The current release is v 1.2.2-001.For the complete details from Sun Microsystems, go to

To check out Sunís install notes, go to

There is also a readme website for the package.Itís at

Linux users can obtain the jdk from the Java Linux site.

Good luck!

Winter 2000