Lab 1 -- September 14,15 2000

This is the first Lab for Professor Brettler's section of ITEC 1011 (Section A) and Professor Cheah's section of ITEC 1011 (Section B).

The labs will be held in S110 Ross (Gauss Lab). Attend during the time slot for which you registered. This will reduce congestion in the room and allow the Professor and TA's to offer the best possible assistance to all students.

Lab Format

All Labs will be presented on a web page similar to this one. It is important that you read the entire page as the tasks will be presented throughout. You will be responsible for performing all tasks in the lab and submitting them in the proper format.

The page will be activated early in the week of the lab date. If you wish, you may perform the lab at home or from another lab on campus over the weekend. It is suggested that you attempt the lab on your own if you are able. This will give you a much clearer understanding of the material and allow you to maximize the help given in the actual lab session.

The labs will have tasks for you to perform and questions for you to answer. You will be required to submit these answers by email to the TA's for marking. The appropriate email address will be given next week. This is the only method for submission.

This Week's Tasks:

This initial lab is to be performed on your own. This is purely administrative and consists of activating your York University Computer accounts. Please activate all the accounts listed here. You will be required to use them in later labs and there will be NO sympathy for those who show up and don't have their accounts activated.

It is recommended that you do this from the Steacie (ACAD) labs as the CNS support staff are there to help you should there be any problems. You may attempt to do this from home if you wish. A condensed instruction list is here. If you need more detailed instructions, go to

  1. Log into MAYA. (telnet
    1. You will be asked for an account number: This is your Student number or your York account number (yu######).
    2. You will then be asked for a Password. This is your birthdate in the form YYYYMMDD if you have never used MAYA before. (i.e. Jan 3 2000 is 20000103) If you have used MAYA before, it is whatever you had previously set it to. If you have forgotten your password, swallow your pride and ask at the Helpdesk in Steacie for it to be reset.
    3. Make sure that you give your birthday exactly in the form indicated.

  2. Now that you have successfully logged into MAYA, you will see a screen that looks like this:
     쿘AYA Text Client v3.5
                                Account Information              
                                Activate an Account              
                               Manage Active Accounts            
                                  Change Passwords               
                               MAYA User Information             
                         York Directory Inclusion/Exclusion      
                                   Laptops @ York                
                                     Exit MAYA                   
        쿛ress RETURN after filling input fields or to pick options in menus.
        쿢se the ARROW keys to move within menus.  Press Esc to exit a menu. 
        쿏o not use the keypad for input.  To quit Maya press Control-C.     

    Use the arrow keys to move the reverse text bar to "Activate an Account" and hit enter.

  3. There are several accounts listed here. You can activate them ALL with the exception of the High Speed Modem Access without incurring any costs. The HSMA account will cost you $10 a month and allows you to dial into York directly from home. Activate this only if you have a modem and you do not already have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that supports Telnet. Otherwise, you will be paying for something you do not need.

  4. You absolutely must activate the following accounts:
    1. Electronic Mail -- This is your York E-mail Account.
    3. Web Page Account -- This is your York Web Page account. In future Labs, you will be required to set up a simple web page and make it active here.
    4. YORKARTS Labs Account -- You need these to use the terminals in the Gauss Lab.
    5. Activate as well, any others that you think might be personally useful.

  5. For each account, you will be required to type in a password. You have several options as to how you select your password but the key is to select something you can remember but can't be easily guessed. One suggestion is to use a pass phrase as a memory aid, such as "To be or not to be" as a memory aid for the password "tbontb". Whatever you choose, don't make it obvious. Don't use your last name, or something similar. You are activating many accounts at once so it is best to write down the passwords you select. Store this piece of paper in a secure place, as anyone who finds this paper will have access to all your accounts. This is dangerous as they can commit illegal acts under your name and get you into loads of trouble.

  6. After you have activated all the accounts, find the option that says something like "Set Maya ID to User ID". This will allow you to create a roaming profile for Netscape, which means that you can store bookmarks and histories on the university computers. If you do this, your MAYA ID will be the same as your E-mail (yu######).

  7. Exit MAYA

Now that you have successfully activated your accounts, you are prepared for next week's lab.


Remember to go to the West Office Building, York Card Office, and have your ID card encoded for access for Lab access. Access to the Gauss Lab (S 110 Ross) is controlled by York Card and you will not be able to enter the lab unless the card is properly encoded. Be warned, the lines are likely to be long, so take care of this early.

See you next week!

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