ITEC 1011 A,B
Week 2 Lab Instructions (September 21, 22)


  1. Activate ARTSLABS Gauss Lab account (and others) using Maya
    (This was Last weeks lab! It should be done already!)

  2. Log on to system in Gauss Lab

  3. Before you can access any of the computers in the Gauss Lab, you should first enter your user name and password. This procedure is called "logging on". Follow the instructions on the computer and enter your user name and password when prompted to do so (the user name and password you enter are your YORKARTS password, not necessarily the same as your e-mail password). The computer will load for a minute and then give you a task bar along the bottom of your screen with a "start" button on it. You are now logged in.This is important so that you can access your stored personal files and Netscape profile.

  4. Launch a web browser (e.g., Netscape)

  5. To launch Netscape click on the "Netscape Communicator" button along the left side of the screen. A window will open with the Netscape web browser running in it.

  6. Access the Gauss Lab web site

    1. Netscape should open to this page.

    2. To find the Gauss Lab web site if Netscape has another page loaded, click on the "Home" button in the Netscape window (it's along the top row of buttons in the Netscape window).

    3. Alternatively, click on the "Location" text box along the top of the Netscape window and type in "" then press return. You can type in other web site locations or URL's (Universal Resource Locators) into this box also.

  7. Find York University's web site

    1. To find the York University web site, click on the "Location" text box along the top of the Netscape window and type in "" then press return. You can type in other web site locations or URL's (Universal Resource Locators) into this box also.
    2. Create a bookmark for this page.

  8. Find the CNS web site

    1. To find the CNS Web page click on the "computing" button on the left side of the York web page.

    2. Alternatively, you can type "" into the location box as above. this is the "URL" for the CNS web site.
    3. Create a bookmark for this page.

  9. Find the ITEC 1011 A and B web sites

  10. Type for Section A (Brettler) or type for Section B (Cheah) into the location box. Make sure that you type it exactly as shown.

    This includes using capital letters where they are shown and regular slashes "/" instead of backslashes "\". Capital letters make a difference in URL's. If you change one to a lower case it will say "file not found". Create bookmarks for each of these pages.

  11. Find Course TA Home page.

  12. This web page belongs to Dan Beamish, who is one of the TA's for the course. It will include links with useful information for students in ITEC 1011. This page will change throughout the year so check it frequently. To access it type in the URL
    XSCreate a bookmark for this page.

  13. Launch an email program (e.g., Pine)

  14. To launch e-mail, minimize Netscape by clicking on the first of the three buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the Netscape window (this is called the minimize button, remember it for later.) Click on the "MAILSRV" button--it looks like a little monitor screen. At the "login:" prompt, type in your user name, and then your e-mail password (possibly different from your YORKARTS password). You will then see a prompt which says "TERM = (vt100)", just press return. The next prompt you will see is a "%" sign. To run the e-mail program type "pine" and press return.

  15. Send email message to self

  16. Press "C" to compose a message. Your e-mail address is "". Using the arrow keys to move around, type that into the "To:" area. Leave everything else blank except for the (optional) subject, and then type the body of the message. To send it hold down the CTRL key and press X, then answer Y for yes.

  17. Send email message to the course TA

  18. My e-mail address is either "" or "" depending upon the section for which you registered. For the subject please put "ITEC1011 email".
    The Body of the message must look like this (ignore the red part):

    Of course, we are looking for your information.
    Name: Garbo, Greta
    Student#: 121 317 849
    This must be completed by midnight of Sunday, September 24.

  19. Subscribe to the class mailing list.
    1. Log into Pine as before.

    2. Send a letter to with the words "Subscribe ITEC1011A" or "Subscribe ITEC1011B" (depending upon your section) in the body of the message. (Note the those are zero's, not O's)
      The subject line can be whatever you want. Don't add any other text to the body (other than the "Subscribe ITEC1011A" or "Subscribe ITEC1011B". You are writing to a machine that processes requests automatically.

      This must be completed by midnight of Sunday, September 24.

  20. Get to know the person next to you; exchange e-mail addresses and make friends. Chances are this is the person who will let you borrow his/her notes, work together on assignments, and explain everything you missed while you were sleeping through the lectures. Your future career could depend on this so do it right.

  21. Launch a text editor (e.g., Notepad)

  22. Click on the start menu, then put the cursor on "Programs". After the next menu section opens put the cursor on "Accessories". Finally click on Notepad.

  23. Type some text, save the file

    1. After you type something into the window you can save it by clicking on the word "file" and then on "save as". It is very important to know WHERE you saved your file. One possibility is on a floppy disk, in which case you click on "my computer" and then "3 1/2 inch floppy". Type in a filename and press return.

    2. Another possible place to save it is on one of the YORKARTS servers. You are allowed to store 10 MB of stuff on there. From the "save as" menu click on "my computer" and then the icon that says
      "user name on SOME_SERVERNAME\usr\...". Stuff that you save on there will stay secure and will be there after you log off. (This is easier than carrying around a disk which can get trashed in your bag no matter how careful you are.)


  1. Visit the Gauss lab and repeat the steps above

  2. Find the text file you created previously and save while in the Gauss Lab.

  3. Check email daily


Disclaimer: Students are responsible for the content of their WWW pages.