Download the Demo Programs.

  1. Make a Java directory somewhere. I suggest c:\java.
  2. Click Here
  3. Save this file in the java directory you have created.
  4. Unzip it.
  5. Proceed to download JDK, or if you already have a working version, go Back to Lab 6

How to install JDK 1.2.2 for MS Windows environments at home

If you don't have a cable modem, It is probably faster to get on the bus, do the work at school and go home again than it is to download it. It is a 20 megabyte file. The fastest possible download over the York connection will be about an hour and a half. However, you will rarely get downloads at the full capacity of the connection (33.6 Kbits/Second to York).

Here's how you do it. (Read the instructions first).

  1. Click here
  2. There's a big red link, dead center in the page -- "CLICK HERE". Click it.
  3. A window will pop up, asking you where you want to save the file. I recommend c:\temp, as you will not need these files after JDK is installed.
  4. Once you have selected the location. Click Save.
  5. A download window will pop up, this will tell you how much time (estimated) will be required to download the file. Look at it and decide whether you should go see a movie or not. Angela's Ashes was pretty good.
  6. Now that you're back from the movie, and the download is done, we are ready to install JDK.
  7. Use Explorer, and go to C:\temp> (or wherever you saved it). Click on the icon.
  8. A whole bunch of stuff will happen, just click "I Agree" or "Next" and carry on through the process. This will take a few minutes. I don't recommend changing the default directory and filenames.
  9. At the end, Select "Restart My Computer".
  10. You may, if you wish, delete the JDK.1.2.2 file from C:\temp. It is no longer required.
  11. We have to set a few environment variables.

  12. For Windows 95/98 users
    1. Go to the start menu, Click Run. Type "sysedit" in the box. Click "OK"
    2. a whole bunch of windows will open, Like this:

    3. Make sure that the C:\autoexec.bat window is on top.
    4. Find the line that says "SET PATH=C:\...."
    5. Go to the end of that line and type: ";C:\JDK1.2.2\BIN" (No Quotes) (Note: This will only work if you accepted the default paths for the install.)
    6. Now, look for a line that says SET CLASSPATH =C:\...". (This may not exist.)
    7. If it exists, add a ";C:\JDK1.2.2\src.jar" to the end.
    8. If it doesn't exist, add the line "SET CLASSPATH = C:\JDK1.2.2\src.jar" to the autoexec.bat file.
    9. Click on "File", "Save" and then exit the sysedit window.
    10. Go to the DOS prompt, and type autoexec.bat
    11. You're done! Back to Week 6 lab

  13. For Windows NT users
    Note: This is not tested.
    1. Go to the Start menu.
    2. Select "Settings", "Control Panel"
    3. Select "System", "Environment"
    4. Look for "Path" in the User and System Variables.
    5. Add ";C:\jdk1.2.2\bin" to the right of the existing value.
    6. Look for "Classpath" If it doesn't exist, Type CLASSPATH in Value, and "C:\jdk1.2.2\src.jar" in Variable. Click Set.
    7. If it already exists, add ";C:\jdk1.2.2\src.jar" to the right of the curent value.
    8. Shut down the Control Panel (save all changes).
    9. NOTE: this will only affect the current user. You'll have to do it for each user, or get someone to set the system variables.
    10. You're done. Back to Week 6 lab

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