ITEC 1011 A Remediation and Grading Plan

  • I will meet the class on Tuesday, January 16, at 9:30 a.m. in Curtis Lecture Hall D to discuss the contents of this document.

  • Powerpoint presentations for all lectures including those given during the duration of the strike can be obtained from the course web page.

  • Tutorials assistance for the course will be available and is scheduled as follows:
  • I will not give formal lectures during the remediation period. I am available by appointment to answer questions. I continue to be accessible by email.

  • A copy of last Winter's Final Exam is available from the course web page.

  • All work submitted prior to the start of the Winter break has been given to the tutors for grading.

    There were three assignments due before the start of the strike. The assignment grade will be based on the best three assignments. Answers for assignments 4, 5, 6 will be posted to the course web page. Once the assignments handed in prior to the Winter break are graded, they will be available for pickup outside my office (S 508 Ross).

    There were six labs due before the start of the strike. The lab grade will be based on the best six labs.

  • There is a makeup planned for the October 31 midterm test. The midterm test date will be January 30. Coverage will be identical to that of the October 31 test. Students who wrote the October 31 midterm may write this one as well. The higher of the grades obtained will be used in the course grade calculation.

  • The final exam for those students who did not write in December will be scheduled by the registrar. This exam will have the same coverage and level of difficulty as the December exam.

    Elias Brettler
    Last modified: Mon Jan 22 14:31:54 EST 2001