Math 1090 A Remediation and Grading Plan

  • I will meet the class on Friday, January 12, at 9:30 a.m. in Curtis Lecture Hall B to discuss the contents of this document.

  • Lecture notes for all lectures beginning October 27 are on the web. Follow the links on the course web page. Professor Ganong's lecture notes (covering roughly the same material) are available from links on his web page.

  • Tutorials will continue during the remediation period.

  • There will be no formal lectures during the remediation period. I am available by appointment to answer questions. I continue to be accessible by email. If there is sufficient demand I may augment the tutorials by making myself available from time to time during what would have been the usual class time to answer questions.

  • It is my expectation that Club Infinity will sell old exams prior to the makeup exam period. They are useful for orientation and review purposes.

  • Homework Assignments 3, 4, 5 were due after the start of the CUPE strike. The homework grade will be calculated by taking the best two grades for all assignments handed in. As homework solutions were posted to the web it is not possible to grade late assignments.

  • I have compiled some exercises which may be useful for review. To view, click here.

  • There is no makeup planned for the November 17 midterm test. Those students who missed the midterm will be assigned a grade (from 30) using the formula
    (.320)(Final Exam Score) - .93   .
    Students who wrote the midterm and whose scores are lower than the result of this calculation will have the higher score used in their final grade calculation.

  • The final exam for those students who did not write in December will be scheduled by the registrar. This exam will have the same coverage and level of difficulty as the December exam.

    Elias Brettler
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