Math 2320 A Remediation and Grading Plan

  • I will meet the class on Friday, January 12, at 12:30 p.m. in Curtis Lecture Hall C to discuss the contents of this document.

  • An indication of the lecture coverage for all lectures during the duration of the strike can be obtained from the course web page. A list of suggested homework problems was given previously.

  • Tutorials for the course will begin and are scheduled as follows:
  • I will not give formal lectures during the remediation period. I am available by appointment to answer questions. I continue to be accessible by email.

    The other instructors have indicated that students from my section may attend the lectures they are to give during the remediation period. The lecture times are

  • It is my expectation that Club Infinity will sell old exams prior to the makeup exam period. They are useful for orientation and review purposes.

  • Quiz 2 was given after the start of the strike. There will be no makeup for this quiz. A quiz grade will be assigned using a formula based on final exam performance. Students who wrote the quiz but whose scores are below the result of this calculation will have the higher score used in their final grade calculation.

  • There is a makeup planned for the November 17 midterm test. The midterm test date will be February 2. Coverage will be number theory, recursive definitions, induction and basic counting. Students who wrote the November 17 midterm may write this one as well. The higher of the grades obtained will be used in the final exam calculation.

  • The final exam for those students who did not write in December will be scheduled by the registrar. This exam will have the same coverage and level of difficulty as the December exam.

    Elias Brettler
    Last modified: Wed Jan 10 11:05:11 EST 2001