Math 3110 A Course Information


  • (Dec.31) Click for unofficial grades.

  • (Dec. 5) Here is a brief statistical summary of the test 2 results:
    MTB > dotplot c1
                   . : . .          .            .  .         .   :.
                   14.0      17.5      21.0      24.5      28.0      31.5
     MTB > describe c1
                     N     MEAN   MEDIAN   TRMEAN    STDEV   SEMEAN
     C1             13    21.74    23.50    21.82     7.13     1.98
                   MIN      MAX       Q1       Q3
     C1          13.00    29.60    14.00    29.50
  • (Nov. 25) For my solutions (beware of typographical errors) to Friday's class tests click for postscript or pdf.
  • (Nov. 24) Homework 5 is now due on Wednesday, December 5.
  • (Nov. 20) The office hour on Wednesday, Nov. 21 is cancelled. I will be available on Nov. 22 at noon.
  • (Nov. 18) This is a status report on the midterm for Friday. My current draft has four questions. I will post an update once the final version is ready.

  • (Nov. 1) For statistical information on Test 1 performance click here.

  • (Oct. 26) There will be no lecture and no office hours Monday, October 29.

  • (Oct. 19) For my solutions (beware of typographical errors) to today's class test click for (postscript) or (pdf).
  • (Oct 11) Assignment 3 has not yet been posted. For a selection of problems on absolute values look at
    Page 34: 3, 5, 6b, 8d, 13bd, 15 .
  • (Oct 1) Assignment 2 is NOW DUE Wednesday October 10 at noon.
  • (Sept 24) I have corrected my solution to problem 16, page 11 on the first assignment. In addition, a pdf version of the solutions, without the graph I used for problem 15, is now available.
  • (Sept 17) Please note that you only need to hand in solutions to the problems on page 11 on Friday. In addition, please note that the problem for the individual solution is page 11 problem 14. Sorry for the confusion.

    Lecturer: Eli Brettler
    Office: South 508 Ross
    Telephone: 736-5250 Extension 66321
    Normal Office hours: MW 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. and by appointment

    Lectures: MWF 10:30 - 11:20 a.m. in WC 118

    Tutorials: W 12:30 - 1:20 p.m. in N 501 Ross.

    Text: Bartle and Sherbert, Introduction to Real Analysis (Third Edition).

    Syllabus: The course will cover material from Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of the text.


    These homework problems will be collected for grading. Groupwork is permitted and (in most cases) encouraged. EXCEPT WHERE OTHERWISE INDICATED, group assignments may be handed in. Assignments are submitted by placing them in the Assignment Box to be found next to the elevators, North Ross 5th Floor. My normal practice is to collect the papers then post solutions. Late assignments are not accepted.
    To view and print pdf you need the free Acrobat reader.


    Graded Assignmentsvarious dates (see above)15%
    Class TestsOctober 19, November 2330%
    Final ExamExamination Period55%

    Alternate Grading Scheme: Assignments 15%, Class Tests 55%, Final Exam 30%.
    The scheme which gives the higher grade will be used in each case.

    Note: There will be no makeups for missed tests. If you miss a test and provide a certificate indicating clearly that you were unable to write the test for reasons beyond your personal control, the weight of the test will be transferred to the final exam. Otherwise, the mark for the missed test will be 0.

    The last date to drop the course without academic penalty is November 9. It is extremely important to realistically assess your course performance prior to this date.


  • Test 1: October 19
  • Test 2: November 23


  • The note on which the first lecture was based is available in (postscript) and (pdf).

    Eli Brettler
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