Math 3110 Homework 1 due September Math 3110 Homework 1 due September 21 at Noon

  1. These eight problems may be done and submitted in groups. The maximum group size is 3.

    p.11: 4 (just prove equality of the sets in (a) and (b) ), 12, 13, 15, 16, 17

    p.15: 11, 18 (replace > by )

  2. The following problem must be DONE ON YOUR OWN and submitted on a separate sheet. Include a short journal entry which explains what was involved in coming up with your solution. The journal entry should cover what you needed to sort out before starting (definitions, theorems, etc.), any incorrect or partial solutions you may have come up with, refinements you may have discovered in the process of writing up the solution. The solution itself must be detailed and clearly written in the prose style of the textbook.

    p.11: 14

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