NOTE:It turns out I made a mistake in transferring the grades for LATE assignments on Chapter 4, and they ended up as 0. I am fixing this now, and it has meant a grade change for some of those who were late.

GRADES : The marks on the final are now posted (the score is out of 100 possible). As usual, the marks can be found HERE.
I have included the assignment 4 marks in the assignment total mark (out of 100).
For those who provided documentation for missed exams, the final exam score has been used for the missed midterm. Where assignment 1 was missed, I have also assigned the score from the midterm in calculating the mark.
The letter grades are unofficial until approved. (Note that the grade 'NW' simply means here that no final exam was written.)
The "webid" is the sum of the 5 digit number made up of the last 5 digits of your student number PLUS the score you got on the first assignment.

Textbook web page can be accessed at this link. Click on the Student bar under the first edition of the book. (And then click on Online Tools.) Most of the features are available without a password. You can also download parts of the new edition of the text from this same website.

FINAL EXAM FORMAT: NOTE: NO ELECTRONIC AIDS (CALCULATORS, DICTIONARIES, ETC.) WILL BE ALLOWED. As indicated in the Course Outline, the test will be a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. There will be 175 minutes to write what should be a 2-hour test. Your one page 'cheat-sheet' can have whatever you wish on both sides. The exam will cover the whole course (lectures, text 1-12, 14-15, plus 4 assignments with related reading) more on coverage: As outlined in the review on the last day of class, the emphasis will be on chapters 3-12,14-15. Since we have had no coverage of chapters 11-15 yet on any test, they will get proportionately a little more than the earlier ones. There will also be coverage of all of the homewwork assignments.

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