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The Course Description tag on the left panel will give you the course outline, including grading. The 'Current' tag under Assignments will give you the details of the current assignment, usually about two weeks in advance of the due date.

NOTE: Grades are now up for all those who have written the final exam. THose with deferred standing will still show as F, along with those who did not drop, but did not write the final. These changes may not be reflected in the mailed grades. . I have posted the marks HERE. The new key (webid) is the sum of the 5 digit number at the end of your student number and your grade on the first quiz (zero if you did not write it).
There has been a small adjustment to a number of exams (credit for a 2-point question which was marked incorrectly on these papers). I have also done the following: if your quiz total was less than your final exam score, I have loaded your quiz as equal to the final exam score. This lowers no marks, but does raise those who did well on the final vs the quizzes. The revised marks are filed as usual, with each mark (quiz total , homework assignments, adjusted midterm, final exam out of 100). These are the unofficial grades, of course.
I will be out of town until late next week.
Pick up papers outside of N615.

The Final Exam covers the material in Chapters 1-9 which we have assigned. This leaves out the following sections:
5.5 and 6.7.
The format of the exam will be similar to the midterm, using questions similar to those on the quizzes and homework.
I will have office hours M-R at 9am until the 23rd.

The MAKEUP FINAL will be given on Thursday 16 May 8:30-11:30 in Curtis LH M NOTE ROOM CHANGE.

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