Current Assignment

Due: Tuesday 08 April 03 by 4:30 in the assignment box)

Readings: You should be reading chapters 15 and 16 over the next week.

Exercises:(NOTE as usual you must use SAS to get the full computer output for the problems you are doing, verifying that it agrees with what is given in the textbook. This includes getting the plots asked for.) Do Chapter 15 #'s 9, 11, and 12; do chapter 16 #'s 9, 10.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, you are responsible for all mat erial in the relevant sections of the text, whether discussed in lectures or not .If you have questions about any material in the text, please bring them up in c lass.

You may work in a study group and turn in one copy of the assignment for the gr oup, with all names (and student numbers) of people in the group on the a ssignment. It would be a good idea to be forming your study groups now.