"Remediation" for MATH 2021

There are two categories of people in this course as of
early January, 2001:

- Those who have done all assigned work in the course 
(including exam, second test, assignments) since the 
beginning of the strike in late October, and

- those who have not.

Students who have completed course work:

The students in the first category can ignore the rest of this file. They need only wait for the appearance of grades in the course. Grades on the Dec. exam and in the course will be posted either on this course Web page or on the wall outside my office, probably a few days after the "second" exam is given in the second exam period. All exam and course grades for all students in MATH 2021 will be posted at once, so that no one is "treated better" in this respect than anyone else. Everyone will have the same official information on which to base decisions about whether to drop the course, at the same time, for instance. This is part of my effort to show no favor to students in either category.

Students who have not:

I will meet with such of these students as choose to attend class, in the usual room and at the usual time from fall term, and will basically re-do what I did during the period 26 Oct. - 4 Dec. in lectures. I will attempt to cover the course syllabus as announced in the course outline, but faster than we covered it before. This may involve omitting some proofs given before, and may involve students' reading parts of the text on their own a bit more than last fall. In the "remediation" period, we have only 14 MWF lectures to cover what was covered in 17 in Fall term after the strike started. I think we can manage to cover things if I save time here and there judiciously. A second exam will be given during the "second exam period", a few weeks from now. A second version of Test 2 will be given on a date in the remediation period that seems appropriate. The date will be announced in class. Assignments: Assignments 1-3 were due before the strike started. Students who have not already submitted Assignment 4 can do so any time in class, up to 9:30 a.m., Monday, 22 January. Assignment 4 was only one problem: Problem 7 from the exercises at the end of section 5.1. I suggest that when writing up this problem, you use "3" with a bar over the top of it to denote the positive number 3 as a "vector" in the set V, and just "3" to denote the real scalar 3. Thus, the definition of vector addition + in this problem would say _ _ ____ __ 3 + 7 = 3(7) = 21. And __ _ 2 __ 2*5 = 5 (5 squared with a bar over it) = 25. (Here I typed * to indicate scalar multiplication of vector 5 by scalar 2 -- my best choice in HTML?) ------------ Watch for further files about what is going on in class during the "remediation" period.

The Chief