The undergraduate math listserv

In 2006, a listserv for undergraduates interested in mathematics was set up. I don't know if it is still being maintained by members of Club Infinity, York's math club. If it is, the following comments may be useful (I just copy, partly, below, an announcement sent out by the President of Club Infinity in 2006): The listserv seems to be easy to join, and a good thing to be on. Club Infinity, York's mathematics club, has a special room reserved for its use in the heart of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Go to and look for links to the club pages. The club is a good place to know about. A new undergraduate listserv has been created. The purpose of this listserv is to provide a further means by which to provide relevant information / announcements for undergraduate students. News items and information about upcoming events (from the Department or elsewhere) which would be of interest to undergrads will appear on it. Students may sign on with any e-mail address (it does not have to be their York e-mail). The listserv will be limited to announcements only, and only a few people will be able to broadcast to it (to avoid spam). To subscribe to this listserv, simply send an e-mail (with no subject) to: with subscribe undergrad_news in the body of the e-mail. (To unsubscribe, replace with unsubscribe undergrad_news .) It is hoped that this new listserv will serve as a vehicle to help further and advance communication between the Department and the students.