Joan Wick Pelletier
Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Courses for 2000-2001:
AS/SC MATH 1515 3.0 A Fall term, M Winter term
AK/AS/SC MATH 3020 6.0 AS/SC

Recent publications:
A Geometric Characterisation of Compact, Convex Sets, with C. J. Mulvey,
Mathematcial Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 109(1991),
Locales in Functional Analysis, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
A Globalisation of the Hahn-Banach Theorem, with C. J. Mulvey, Advances in
Mathematics, 89(1991), 1-59.
A Quantisation of the Calculus of Relations, with C. J. Mulvey, Proceedings
of the International Summer Category Theory Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, 1991,
Canadian Mathematical Society Conference Proceedings 13, American
Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island(1992), 345-360.
On the Equational Theory of C*-algebras, with J Rosicky, Algebra Universalis
30(1993), 275-284.
On Regular monomorphisms in Weakly Locally Presentable Categories, with H Hu,
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 116(1997), 163-168.
Von Neumann Algebras and Hilbert Quantales, Journal of Applied Categorical
Structures 3(1997), 249-264.
Simple Involutive Quantales, with J Rosicky, Journal of Algebra 195(1997),
On the Quantisation of Points, with C. J. Mulvey, Journal of Pure and
Applied Algebra, to appear.

Recent concerts:
Evening of Chamber Music, St Patrick's Church, Toronto, October1990.
Mozart Songs and Duets, York University, November 1991.
Songs by Franz Schubert, York University, March, April 1993.
Music and Mayhem, Stong College, York University, January 1994.
Songs by American Composers, York University, June 1994.
Musicamericana, Stong College, York University, April 1996.
Stephen Foster Songs, Stong College, York University, February 1997.
Songs for Spring, Stong College, York University, April 1998.
Brahms and Bernstein, Stong College, York University, March 1999.
Spring Concert, Stong College, York University, May 2000.