MATH 6931 3.0F
Mathematical Modeling

Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30 in 213 McLaughlin College.
Office hours are posted here

(1) An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, by Edward A. Bender
(2) Mathematical Models: Mechanical Vibrations, Population Dynamics, and Traffic Flow, by Richard Haberman
Additional materials will be distributed in class.


Homework :   65%
Final exam (December):  35%

Other important information relevant to all York courses is posted here.

Slides from class of September 13, 2017
Excel spreadsheet for population models -- class of Sept 13
Additional notes on a random growth model -- for the class of Sept 13

One reference for SIR epidemc models is Section 2.1.2 in "Lecture Notes in Mathematical Epdemiology", edited by Fred Brauer, Pauline van den Driessche, and Jianhong Wu (Springer 2008); this is available as an online resource through the York University Library catalogue (see the chapter "Compartmental Models in Epidemiology")

There are many references for the basics of Markov chains, online as well as in the library. One such electronic text available through the York Library catalogue is "Introduction to Probability Models" by Sheldon M. Ross (2007). See Chapter 4, Markov Chains, especially sections 4.1, 4.2, and 4.4.
Examples of Markov chains -- class of October 18
Definitions and properties of Markov chains -- class of October 18

Problem Set 1 --- due Sept 20.
Comments on Problem Set 1

Problem Set 2 --- due Oct 2

Problem Set 3 --- due Oct 16

Problem Set 4 --- due Oct 30

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