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York Discrete Math Seminars in Winter 2014:

January 23: Neal Madras, "Self-Avoiding Walks: Old Problems and Recent Progress"

February 13: Ada Chan, "A Walk in the N-Cube"

February 27: Trueman MacHenry, "Hessenberg Matrices and Integer Sequences"

March 6: Tony Nixon, "Graphs, Surfaces and Global Rigidity"

March 13: Mike Zabrocki, "Parking Functions and Lattice Paths"

March 27: Tina Rapke, "Nice and Injective-Nice Graphs"

April 3: Amram Meir, "An Asymptotic Combinatorial Result By the Use of Analysis" Abstract

All talks are Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. in N638 Ross unless otherwise specified.