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Subject: Message to Members of Faculty Council

On behalf of the ad hoc nominating committee, which was elected at the
June 12 Faculty Council meeting, could I ask for your assistance in
distributing the following message (which will also be distributed in
paper version) to members of your Department/Division via your e-mail
distribution lists. Many thanks. Marla



At a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Arts on June 12, 1997, a
motion to establish an ad hoc Committee on the Governance of the Faculty
of Arts was approved. (The full text of this motion appears at the end of
this document.) An ad hoc nominating committee was also elected at the
Council meeting and charged with conducting nominations and elections for
membership on the Committee. The ad hoc nominating committee now seeks
volunteers and nominations to fill four full-time faculty positions, one
contract faculty position, and two student positions on the Committee.

Any member of the Council of the Faculty of Arts may volunteer to stand
for election or may nominate another member of the Council of the Faculty
of Arts for election. Note: Voting membership on Council is as follows
(Rules and Procedures of Council, December 1995, Section 3):

(i) The Dean, Associate Deans and Assistant Deans of the Faculty of Arts.
(ii) All full-time and contract faculty members of the Faculty, and other
members of the University who teach at least one full- or half-course in
the Faculty of Arts. This shall be taken to include: a) full-time
faculty members whose home is in another Faculty, but who teach a course
cross- listed with an Arts unit, and full-time faculty members teaching
Natural Science courses, provided that those faculty have indicated in
writing to the Secretary of Council, by the beginning of the first
teaching week in any given academic year, their wish to be members of
Council in that year; b) Chairs of departments which are
administratively housed in another Faculty, but which offer a B.A. degree
through the Faculty of Arts; c) full-time and contract faculty appointed
to the Centre for Academic Writing; d) retirees teaching a course in Arts
and/or who remain active in their unit/the university; e) CUPE 3903
course directors teaching on a "ticket;" f) adjunct faculty teaching a
course in Arts; (note: visiting CUPE-exempt faculty are not included); g)
full-time faculty on sabbatical or leave.
(iii) A number of students, equal to ten per cent of the total of the
above members at the beginning of the first teaching week in the academic

Members of Council wishing to volunteer or submit a nomination for the
Committee on Governance should note the following:

1. Nominations should indicate the rank and Departmental/Divisional
affiliation of the nominee/volunteer.

2. Nominators are asked to secure the agreement of the nominee in advance
of submission of the nomination.

3. Include information on means of contacting the nominee/volunteer over
the summer months.

4. Nominations should be submitted as soon as possible, but in no case
later than July 31, 1997.

5. Nominations are to be submitted to the SECRETARY OF THE AD HOC

The ad hoc nominating committee will be meeting in late July to review
nominations and prepare a ballot for the election by constituency to the
Committee on the Governance of the Faculty of Arts. Ballots will be
distributed by mail to campus addresses of all Faculty Council members by
mid-August for an early September return.

For further information, contact any of the members of the ad hoc
nominating committee:
Lynne Angus, Psychology Department, -33615, langus@yorku.ca
Ben Freedman, Vanier College, 921-3630
David Lumsden, Anthropology Department, -66498
Robert MacDermid, Political Science Department, -88832, rmacd@yorku.ca
Martin Muldoon, Mathematics and Statistics Department, -33911,
Marla Chodak, Secretary, -22438, mchodak@yorku.ca

Text of Motion, Approved by the Faculty of Arts Council, June 12, 1997
(moved by Professor M. Blincow, seconded by Professor A.M. Ambert):

Whereas this Council has lost confidence in the ability of the
administration of the Faculty of Arts to manage the affairs of the Faculty
within the present structures of the Faculty, the Council of the Faculty
of Arts moves that the Council establish an ad hoc Committee on the
Governance of the Faculty of Arts. The Committee shall recommend to
Council how Council may best establish a more democratic, inclusive,
accountable and collegial governance of the Faculty.

The Committee may receive submissions, consult with other Faculties and
with senators who are working on alternative forms of University
governance, and make such other inquiries and undertake such consultations
within and without the University as it sees fit. This Council instructs
the administration of the Faculty, including the Dean, Associate Deans,
and staff, to assist the Committee in its work, and to provide the
Committee in a timely fashion all information that the Committee deems
necessary to execute its mission.

The Committee shall seek to clarify the contribution of existing
administrative structures, roles, rules and personnel to the democratic,
inclusive, accountable and collegial governance of the Faculty, as well as
to recommend innovations. It shall in particular consider the role of
Departmental and Divisional Chairs in the governance of the Faculty, the
structure and composition of the council and its committees, and the
selection, appointment and evaluation of the Dean and Associate Deans.

The Committee shall be composed of at least five and not more than seven
members of the Council of the Faculty of Arts who are not Deans or
Associate Deans, at least one of whom shall be a student and at least one
of whom shall be a contract faculty member. Election of Committee members
shall be by secret ballot of the membership, conducted by an ad hoc
nominating committee of five members of Council (excluding the Dean and
Associate Deans). The nominating committee shall be elected at the present
meeting. The Secretary of the Council shall be asked to serve as
Secretary of the ad hoc nominating committee. The Committee on Governance
shall first report to Council at the first meeting of Council in the
1997-98 academic year. Its final report and recommendations shall be
submitted to a Council meeting to be held on 4 December, 1997.

Marla Chodak
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Faculty of Arts
York University
Telephone: 736-5260 (ext. 22438)
FAX: 736-5623

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