Re: October Council Meeting

James N. Porter (jnporter@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 18:57:18 -0400

Hello Marla -
In its meeting of 12 June, 1997, Council established an ad hoc
Committee On The Governance Of The Faculty Of Arts with a motion that
reads, in part:
"The committee on governance shall first report to Council at the
first meeting of Council in the 1997-98 academic year".

The notice of the 9 October meeting (Council's first of this year)
does not include on the agenda a report by the Committee On The
Governance Of The Faculty Of Arts. It does, however include [7.(a)] a
"report for information" by the Executive Committee.

I have two questions:

Will the governance committee's report be tendered under "Business

If not, is the "report for information" meant to signify the first
report by the committee on governance? If so, why is the report not
designated as from the governance committee? If not, where is the report
from the governance committee?

Perplexedly yours - James Porter

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Marla S. Chodak wrote:

> Following is the notice of the October 9 Faculty Council meeting; paper
> copies are in the mail. Please note that President Marsden will be joining
> us for this meeting.
> October 9, 1997
> A meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Arts is scheduled for THURSDAY,
> OCTOBER 9, 1997 AT 4:00 P.M. in the Senate Chamber.
> 1. Chair's Remarks
> President Marsden will address the Council; councillors' questions
> and comments are welcome.
> 2. Dean's Remarks
> 3. Minutes of the Last Meeting - June 12, 1997
> 4. Business Arising from the Minutes
> 5. Communications
> 6. General Enquiries
> 7. Committee Reports
> (a) Executive Committee
> The Committee submits a report for information. The Committee
> has also agreed, at this meeting, to sponsor a discussion of any
> issues which the Council wishes the Executive Committee, or
> other Council committees -- as well as the Council
> itself -- to take up as priorities for the coming months.
> (b) Committee on Nominations
> The Committee submits slates of nominations for a by-election to
> fill vacancies on the Executive Committee, the Petitions
> Committee, and for Council
> Representative to the Senate. Note: Further nominations may be
> made from the floor of Council with the prior written consent of
> the nominee.
> 8. New Business
> Marla Chodak, Secretary
> Council of the Faculty of Arts
> Minutes and Reports are not attached but will be available in
> departmental/divisional offices, in the offices of College Masters, and in
> the Office of the Secretary of Council, S928 Ross Building.
> Marla Chodak
> Executive Assistant to the Dean
> Faculty of Arts
> York University
> Telephone: 736-5260 (ext. 22438)
> FAX: 736-5623