Re: October Council Meeting

James N. Porter (jnporter@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 21:54:46 -0400

Bob - I can certainly appreciate the problems of organization you
mention, and am grateful to you and the other members of the governance
committee for taking on the work entailed. I suppose you can perhaps
appreciate how disappointed I (and no doubt others as well) am to see what
you have posted. Some may wonder why the faculty members who have for
some time been elected (a majority of committee members) did not
proceed with their mandate, mindful of the magnititude of their task, its
importance, and the requirement to submit a final report by 4 December.

In any case, a report to Council on 9 October IS an obligatory
feature of the committee's terms of reference. If we are to creditably
hold the university administration to the terms of our Collective
Agreement and the legislation of our Senate and our Faculty/College
Councils, can we be less correct with ourselves?

I hope that the governance committee begins its work on the 17th with
vigour and clarity of purpose, regardless of when a contract faculty
member is named. Let me suggest that a report of the type you have
mentioned would be clearly preferable to silence. In solidarity - James

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Robert Drummond wrote:

> James asks about the Faculty of Arts governance committee. Given the time it
> has taken to get student members and a contract faculty representative (the
> latter not yet in place) the committee's first meeting will be October 17. A
> report to Council on the 9th might say exactly that, but little more can be
> said. The members might be named, I suppose. Regards, Bob
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