first meeting

Anne Pilgrim (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:56:42 -0500 (EST)

Hello all -- Now that I've tested Georges's address I will proceed with
the promised account of the first meeting, for the sake of Lelia, Sonia
and David especially. We talked initially about practicalities such as
staff support, and Bob agreed to approach Marla about finding someone
willing and able to work with us. As meeting times we found Friday best
and Monday barely possible (but obviously couldn't do a full survey). We
discussed the supposed "final report" on December 4 and concluded that
would likely be no more than an interim report (we can seek Council's
guidance as to a stopping point).
We had 2 documents before us and worked
extensively with each; the first is a list of 11 issue areas which Bob had
prepared, and the second the actual motion from June 12 establishing the
ad hoc Committee on the Governance of the Faculty of Arts. The latter has
a clearly directive paragraph which points to 3 areas to consider: the
role of Chairs, the structure of Council, and the evaluation of the Dean
and Associate Deans (I'm condensing). On the first: we thought we should
ask to meet with the assembled Chairs, in one of the meetings they now
hold minus the Dean and other administrative figures. Bob had questions
about internal governance of the teaching units and their reliance on/need
for constitutions, also about the relation of Council to department
councils. On the second: we agreed that we all need copies of the Rules
and Procedures of Council, and that we should be aware of the nature of
the revisions made in 1995. The most pressing issue here seems to be that
of the nominating process and elections procedures; we thought we might
solicit suggestions from members of the Arts faculty, perhaps through an
ad in Excalibur (assuming we have any money for such) as well as through
the Arts listserv. Optimal circulation of information is itself a topic of
concern. On the third: we may want to meet with the members of the Dean's
Office to gather information about its workings (assuming we are allowed).
We would like to confirm that there are internal reviews conducted there,
and also should follow up reports that the Faculty of Arts at University
of Toronto has recently had a full-scale external review. Bob had items on
his list about the relation of the Dean to Council, also about financial
accountability. We will no doubt find that many are exercised about the
role the Dean plays in granting new appointments initially and also in
making them, and setting salaries.

I won't go into further detail now (besides, I've exhausted the marginal
scribblings on my 2 documents). See you all on Friday. regards, Anne
P.S. I do know about paragraphs but I went back and corrected a typo and
the whole thing just melted together.