meeting with Chairs

Anne Pilgrim (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:10:16 -0500 (EST)

As promised, I have made overtures to the Chairs about having members of
the Governance Committee consult them and possibly meet with them as a
group. All response has been positive and I have learned that Maurice
Elliott is in charge of organizing the next meeting of the Chairs' caucus.
One Chair thought that was planned for December 4, though Maurice thinks
it may be a week earlier since George has altered the dates for the
regular Chairs' session.
As soon as I know for sure, I will let all of you know. In the meantime, I
did suggest that we were preparing three or four questions which we could
address to each Chair in advance of any meeting. David I think was
drafting them and had decided on what points to cover (but since Marla
joined us I have slacked off on my note-taking.) Maybe you (David) could
remind us of the topics if not the draft questions, and we can fine-tune
the questions even before we meet on the 14th?
Back to my stacks of essays -- regards to all, Anne