Possible Announcement for Faculty of Arts Newsletter

Robert Drummond (robertd@yorku.ca)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:10:50 -0500

Marla Chodak tells me it may not be too late to include the following request
in the next forthcoming newsletter. If I'm wrong about that, please let me
know. I am alos copying the message to members of the governance committee
with apologies for the shortness of time, and asking them to let you and me
know by noon Monday if there is any change they feel is essential in the
notice. I hope that will not be too late. The proposed notice is as

This summer the Council of the Faculty of Arts established an ad hoc
Committee on Governance which is to recommend to Council "how Council may
best establish a more democratic, inclusive, accountable and collegial
governance of the Faculty." Council empowered the the Committee to receive
submissions and to consult widely, in orderto clarify theexisting situation
and to recommend innovations. In particular, the Committee is to "consider
the role of Departmental and Divisional Chairs in the governance of the
Faculty, the structure and composition of the Council and its committees, and
the selection, appointment and evaluation of the Dean and Associate Deans."
The Committee has begun meeting and would like to take this opportunity to
invite submissions from members of Council on any aspect of the general
question of Faculty governance, and/or the particular matters we are enjoined
to consider. We would prefer to receive submissions in writing but will
entertain requests to meet with the committee in person. (We have already
undertaken to meet with the Department and Division Chairs.) Submissions may
be addressed to any member of the Committee, or to the Secretary of Council,
Marla Chodak, and sent c/o Ms Chodak, S928A Ross. E-mail communications will
be received by all members of the Committee simultaneously if sent to
gov@mathstat.yorku.ca. Members of the Committee include: Professor
(emeritus) D. Bakan; Professor R. Drummond; Mr. D. Greenberg; Ms S. Kociper;
Professor G. Monette; Professor A. Pilgrim; and Professor L. Young.

I hope this will be OK. Regards, Bob Drummond

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