Notes and Next Meeting

Marla S. Chodak (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:04:56 -0500 (EST)

Following are notes on the Governance Committee meeting of October 31,
1997; the next meeting will be on Friday, November 14 at 11:30 a.m. in
room S334 Ross Building.

Present on October 31: R. Drummond, D. Bakan, G. Monette, L. Young, S.
Kociper, A. Pilgrim, M. Chodak

- it was agreed that the chairship of the committee would rotate
- several documents were noted:
- Faculty Council Rules and Procedures (with amendments of 1995)
- Student Caucus constitution
- AAUP statement on governance
- Faculty of Arts Academic Plan
- other documents were suggested as reference:
- CAUT governance document
- Encyclopedia on Higher Education governance document

- need for staff support/research assistance was raised, leading to a
discussion of the extent to which the committee should focus on this
Faculty at York vs. researching broader governance systems, etc.

- discussion of the means by which the Committee might go about its work,
- invite written submissions (through Newsletter, listservs)
- focus groups
- survey
- meetings with constituencies (e.g., chairs, college masters)

- those consulted might be asked about concerns related to governance
including and in addition to those suggested in the Council motion; for
example, what grievances do they have or have they heard re. the degree of
democracy in the Faculty (or in departments); input on the role of chairs;
appointment of the Dean, Associate Deans; structure and composition of
Council; election procedures
- some groups might respond in writing or via e-mail rather than in person
- it was agreed to try to schedule a meeting with chairs
- areas for questions to be addressed to chairs were noted:
- assignment of duties
- appointments
- budgetary
- information-sharing
- structural/organizational decisions

- a number of grievances as understood by members of the committee were
- salary inequities
- perception of secrecy, lack of openness, honesty
- relationship of executive/legislative areas
- need for more financial information, especially expenditures
- openness of decision-making re. appointments
- involvement in decision-making/lack of voice
- perception service is not valued
- lack of association with the Faculty
- perception contract faculty are "stuck" in that role
- tuition cost increases
- format of teaching (technology)
- decline in number of faculty/increased number of students


R. Drummond - approach the Dean re. research assistance
D. Bakan - draft memorandum to chairs
A. Pilgrim - CAUT document; schedule meeting with chairs
L. Young - concerns of contract faculty; means of communication with
contract faculty
S. Kociper - consultation with student caucus re. student participation in
Council, departments
G. Monette - web page links

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