Re:L.Young's memo of November 21, 1997

David Bakan (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 18:30:59 -0500 (EST)

November 22,1997

Some comments on L. Young's memorandum of November 21, 1997

Let us distinguish between two sets of issues: First, the existence of a
distinct two-class citizenry in the qualified faculty at York University.
Second, the governance issues which are involved. The two issues are, of
course, intimately related.

The proposals with respect to conversion, Ph.D. and 15 years of service,
automatic conversion, 15 year service to be aided with a year's paid leave
of absence to complete PhD, where not held, and for new contract faculty,
evaluation for conversion automatic after 6 years, are sound and just. If
these three things were made a matter of policy, it would go very far
towards solving the two-class citizenry in the qualified faculty problem at
York University.

Short of that there are the matters of direct governance involved, such as
the voting rights of contract faculty. These are clear governance issues,
which the Committee should address directly.

In the larger sense the whole thing is a matter of direct concern to our
committee because it involved the governance power of the faculty with
respect to the two things. APPOINTMENTS and BUDGET.

With respect to Budget. The Administration has regularly been taking money
out of the Operating Budget, which is supposed to pay Academic expenses,
and putting it into Savings and Investments, Capital expenditures and
covering deficits in Ancillary activities. It has reduced the complement of
regular faculty, other teaching personnel, and allowed the number of
students to increase.

The matter of Appointments covers the question of the conversions. Here
there is no opening of any serious discussion, unless there were budgetary

The governance question here is that there is no serious consultation in
any systematic way at all in these matters.

David Bakan