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What follows is a model clause that CAUT agrees
should be considered vfor every collective agreement.
Note the section on budget, salary (7)

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Subject: Model clause on Openness and Transparency

The CAUT model clause on "Openness and Transparency" was approved by the
CAUT Council last weekend and it is being sent to you for information.

Model Clause on Openness and Transparency

Part I Purpose

1. The parties agree that openness and transparency are essential to
encourage collegiality and academic freedom. In addition, openness fosters
accountability and responsibility. Finally, it serves to safeguard
fairness and due process by providing the parties with an opportunity to
know and to respond fully to the evidence before a decision maker.

Part II Decision-Making Bodies

Open Process
2. The parties agree that the decision-making structure and financial
operations of the employer shall be open. Without limiting the generality
of the foregoing, openness and transparency shall extend to most matters
before the board of governors, the senior academic body or the senate.

Openness and Transparency
3. Open and transparent process includes but is not limited to the
provision of:

a) copies of the line budget and expenditure report;
b) archival documents in accordance with the relevant legislation governing
federal archives;
c) the opportunity for timely participation [by the interested parties]
when administrators engage in major planning exercises; and
d) public access to debates and decisions.

Motion to Close
4. Open processes and public minutes may be closed in exceptional
circumstances. The parties agree that a motion to close a meeting shall
require a two-thirds majority and be recorded in the minutes.

Notice Period
5. Open and transparent process requires that the employer provide at least
two weeks advance notice of all open meetings as well as access to the
agenda of scheduled meetings.

Standing Committees and Sub-Committees
6. The parties agree that an open and transparent process is equally
applicable to the meetings of standing committees and sub-committees.

PART III Salaries and Collective Agreements

Salary Data
7. The parties agree that the salary data must be open and shall be
circulated to the university budget committee and the faculty association
on an annual basis.. Such data includes but is not limited to:

a) the salaries and perquisites of all middle and upper level
administrators, including senior staff such as staff lawyers;
b) the salaries of all academics and librarians, including those who
are part-time and sessional; and
c) the salaries of all support staff reported annually by rank or grid
including at least the average, median and 10th and 90th percentile of
salaries as well as the number of personnel for each rank or grid.

Collective Agreements
8. All collective agreements must be public documents and available from
the administration.

Reasonable Cost
9. To ensure openness and transparency all public documents, both
electronic and paper copies, must be available in the form requested and
for a reasonable fee.

Approved by the CAUT Council November 1997

Christiane Tardif
Collective Bargaining Officer