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Hello Jeanette -- I am using the device of replying to your note in order
to reach all the Chairs at once.

Memorandum to the Chairs in Arts from the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance:

The Committee has been meeting this fall and following as closely as
possible the mandate set out in the Faculty Council motion of June 12
last, which reads in part:
"The Committee shall seek to clarify the contribution of existing
administrative structures, roles, rules and personnel to the democratic,
inclusive, accountable and collegial governance of the Faculty, as well as
to recommend innovations. It shall in particular consider the role of
Departmental and Divisional Chairs in the governance of the Faculty ...."

We are glad to have the opportunity to meet with you this Thursday, and
thought it might be a good idea to indicate in advance some of the
problematic areas which have already been touched on in our discussions or
which have been included in submissions to the committee. These governance
issues may be divided into those which refer to governance within units,
and those which refer to relations between the Chairs and the Dean, the
Associate Deans and the Council.

Under the first heading I will list some topics we have touched on, as
- the need for a departmental constitution
- the way in which the Chair is put in place; whether s/he is subject to
votes of confidence
- whether the Chair has an Executive or Advisory Committee and how it is
- the involvement of students and faculty (including contract faculty) in
the unit's committees and council
- whether constitutions should be standardized on such points as
participatory rights of contract faculty
- the assignment of teaching and other duties by the Chair (influence over
formats, technology, retirees' courses, YUFA overload)
- the hiring of contract faculty
- the flow of information, reports from Chairs meetings to the unit
- the flow of information especially about budgetary matters; how cuts are
decided on and implemented; openness of internal budgets; openness re
salaries; use of travel funds and Academic Initiatives money

Under the second heading we have isolated some issues, but look forward to
hearing the Chairs' point of view and on having these topics expanded:

- Re Council, the handling of curricular and other changes originating in
the unit by the "upper" committees; also the demands placed on units in
the preparation of tenure and promotion files
- in relations with the Dean and Associate Deans, the problem of adequate
access to information and sharing of information, especially in budgetary
matters; several issues around appointments including initial approval for
them, the encouragement or discouragement of conversions, and the
determination of starting salaries

Since we have agreed to take up only the first hour of your meeting, the
Committee would like to use that time mainly for listening to your views
on governance. Perhaps each Chair would consider bringing to the meeting
one or two recommendations (not necessarily in writing) which might be
included in the Ad Hoc Committee's final report.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday,

Anne Pilgrim

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Jeanette J. Foster wrote:

> Good afternoon everyone,
> This is to confirm that the next Pre-Chairs meeting will take place on
> Thursday, December 4th, 1997 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. in Normans Room, 201
> Bethune College.
> regards,
> Jeanette