Notes from meeting of November 14, 1997

Marla Chodak (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 15:45:38 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Present: A. Pilgrim, G. Monette, L. Young, R. Drummond, M. Chodak

- it was agreed that anonymous submissions to the committee (in response
to the invitation for comment) could be accepted

- issues raised by CUPE members were noted:
- lack of communication is problematic
- lack of voting rights and voice; full-time faculty are expected to
do service and paid to do so; contract faculty are not though they are
members of governing bodies (this is a systemic barrier to their full
- relationship of CUPE members to Chairs and full-time faculty
- it was suggested the governance committee might suggest that a special
committee be established to examine broader issues relating to the
role of CUPE unit 2 members

- a meeting with Chairs has been scheduled for December 4 at 12:00
- it was suggested that Chairs be invited to share their concerns with the
committee, and that several areas of concern (as noted in Professor
Bakan's draft) would probably be included
- other possible issues for discussion at that meeting were noted:
- departmental constitutions
- accountability (review of administrators)
- role of Chairs (facilitation of collective goals, communication
with Dean's office)
- concerns of CUPE members

- other issues were noted for future consideration:
- Council rules and procedures
- nomination and election procedures
- framework for budget and academic planning (meet with members of
Dean's Office?)
- staff representation on department and Faculty councils
- role of undergraduate director

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