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Dear Mr. Denzel:

Thank you for your reply to my letter regarding course closure dates.
Rest assured that we all understand that students want their grades
back as soon as possible, and that there are significan matters that
hinge on this. However, we are all also dealing with faculty who are
stunned at the memo from your office and come to us with their dismay.
This includes junior faculty and contract faculty who are less able to
simply ignore memos no matter how ridiculous.

You also miss an important point. The amount of time it takes to close
a course is a pedagogical concern, not a bureaucratic one. As such the
matter is being referred to Senate where it can be discussed more
fully and dealt with by the appropriate body.


Michael A. Gilbert

Regina Schuller, UPD, Deparment of Psychology
Martin Muldoon, UPD, Applied Mathematics Section,
Mathematics & Statistics
Robert Fink, UPD, Linquistics
Mary-Louise Craven, UPD, Social Science Division
Lawrence Lam, UPD, Department of Sociology
Viola Stephens, UPD, Languages and Linguistics
Robert MacDermid, UPD, Political Science
Anne-Marie Ambert, UPD Sociology
Kenneth Little, Chair Anthropology
Janet Lewis, UPD English