Three points

David Bakan (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:05:49 -0500 (EST)

1. I would like to nominate Bob Drummond for the chair, and suggest that we
all beg him to accept. [Here is my begging: Please, Bob. I am, as you
know a chronic complainer about bureaucracy. But I am not a fool either. I
go with Aristotle on the standard of moderation., at least on this point. We
need moderate bureaucracy. And you are the best person for the job for
reasons too numerous to mention.]

2. I would like to propose that Nuri Jazairi be added to the committee. [I
proposed earlier that the committee needs to be larger, and that all of the
nominees should be on the committee. ] Nuri=92s recent letter in connection
with what he calls our =93hearings=94--I have great misgivings, however,=
the use of that term--prompts me to urge that we invite him immediately. =

3. I would like our staff to be asked by our chair to provide each member
of the committee with the following documents, perhaps together in a 3-ring
binder.[This request is to the chair, who will direct the request to the
staff. I think only one person from the committee should be making
requests of the staff in accordance with the principle of moderate
bureaucracy I mentioned above.]
=B7 The York University Act
=B7 The Faculty of Arts constitution.
=B7 The Fact Book 1996/1997
=B7 The Annual financial reports from 1992-1997
=B7 The Academic Mission statements.
=B7 The Senate Handbook
=B7 The Board of Governors Handbook
=B7 The Board of Governors, Senate and Presidential protocols and=
directives. =20
=B7 The collective agreements of the unions on the campus including the
administrative and Osgoode associations. =20