Re: Arts Governance Hearings

Anne Pilgrim (apilgrim@YORKU.CA)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 12:39:51 -0500

Hello Nuri,
I will venture to reply to your post on behalf of the other members of
the Arts ad hoc Committee on Governance (hope you don't get duplicate
First I should perhaps note that this is a seven-person committee; in
addition to the four faculty members you have addressed, we have a
representative of the contract faculty and two students. If you wish to
communicate with the whole committee, you have only to send a message to
"gov@mathstat" and we will all receive it at once.
This address was published in the November issue of the Faculty of Arts
Newsletter; at that time we said that we "would like to take this
opportunity to invite submissions from members of Council on any aspect of
the general question of Faculty governance, and/or the particular matters
we are enjoined [in the Council motion of June 12] to consider. We would
prefer to receive submissions in writing but will entertain requests to
meet with the committee in person."
The meeting with Harry Arthurs has already taken place. It came about
precisely because he (as a faculty member affiliated with Arts Political
Science) responded to our invitation. Others have been sending messages by
e-mail, though not in great numbers. November may have been such a busy
time that colleagues have resolved to follow the invitation up when they
are a little less stressed by teaching and other duties -- perhaps this
message forwarded to the listserves will be a helpful reminder.

Anne Pilgrim

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, nuri t jazairi wrote:

> I understand that your Committee has invited Dr. Harry Arthurs, among
> others, to give evidence concerning governance issues in the Faculty of
> Arts in particular and at York in general. I would like to ask you to
> declare these meetings open and allow Faculty members in Arts and at York
> the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to your hearings.
> Nuri Jazairi