Re: Communication with Phyllis Clark

Robert Drummond (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 15:45:13 -0400

David, your communicatiosn with VP Clark are quite interesting. I agree
that the decline in faculty is not something to be countenanced,
especially since it has occurred while all parties where trumpeting the
need to maintain the complement. A few comments however: the
"stability" you assert for the operating funds shows a decline from the
high in 1993 to the low in 1997 of $23 Million, or a reduction of 7.5%.
Admittedly the full time complement in a similar period (1992-96) went
down 9.7%. As to part-time, the loss of 46.7% seems enormous; could it
be that the work is not so much reduced but is being spread among fewer
people? Or are we actually doing almost 47% less part-time or contract
teaching? The year-end review to which VP Clark refers is a document
her office sent out earlier in the Fall. I have a copy and will try to
get you one (though there were bunches of them lying around the
department, so I assume the same may be true in Psychology and YUFA
probably has copies. Regards, Bob


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