Re: Three points

Robert Drummond (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 19:47:31 -0500

David, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you in response to your
note to the members of our committee. You were kind (or crafty) enough to
say that the reasons for me to chair the committee are too numerous to
mention. What are REALLY too numerous to mention are the other
administrative activities in which I am currently engaged -- to the detriment
of the two things we should all actually be doing -- teaching and
scholarship. I sense that everyone is busy, so that will not appeal as an
excuse to our fellow members. However, I am sticking to it, and I invite you
to press someone else, or take on the task yourself. As to adding members to
the committee -- I am of the opinion that seven is already a large committee.
We have had trouble finding a time when we all can meet. Second, I am quite
happy to invite comment from Nuri Jazairi and indeed to meet with him at his
convenience, but I subscribe to the old-fashioned view that when someone
stands for election to a committee and is not elected, for the committee then
to extend an invitation for him to join the committee is magnanimous, but
undemocratic. Democracy is not the highest virtue in humankind, I
acknowledge, but a governance committee should not begin by rejecting the
democratic will of the Council, I believe. If others are of a contrary
opinion, I am willing to be guided by democracy within the committee to
over-ride democracy without -- I think. As to documents, let me check with
Marla to see how easily we can get hold of these things. Some of us already
have some of them, but none of us (I suspect) has them all. I suspect I
would find it a useful binder even if I weren't on this committee. Regards,
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