Some proposals

David Bakan (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 11:42:58 -0500 (EST)

How about the following:

Bob takes on the chairmanship of the committee.

We do what he suggests now.

We coordinate our efforts with that of the corresponding Senate committee.

We insist on getting some substantial support staff, supplies and space.

We invite Cynthia and Nuri to be on the committee.

We continue our interviews with people who have anything to contribute to
our understanding of Governance, including people who have been and are in
charge, and those who have grievances. .

We define our role as understanders, investigators, information gatherers,
learners in connection with Governance, separating this from
recommendations, which might come later. .

We get and study carefully the documents relevant to governance at York, the
binder I suggested earlier. Our "book" for the course, as it were.

We have someone collect and review the literature on governance in higher
education, and make a presentation to us. And we do a bit of studying.

We consider bringing in some of the people who have contributed to the
literature on governance to give talks. Possibly, for the university as a
whole, sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, and whoever else might want to put
something into the kitty for this purpose.

We aim for providing an informative report on governance in the Faculty of
Arts and in the University at large, insofar as the latter is relevant to
the former.

[We imagine having to take an examination on governance in higher education
at the end of the year, and passing the test]

[We imagine what it might be like in a university where people had a better
understanding of university governance.]

[We engage in the hypothetical "If I were President...." Eddie Cantor used
to have a running series on his radio program, where every week he would add
a few things to this.]

[We pray for wisdom. One of the few things one might get by prayer.}